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Our Services

Barrow HR provides affordable and straight-talking support, advice and training on all your staff-related matters.

Start up Business

Whether you employ staff or contractors, early HR advice is a great way of avoiding staffing problems as your business grows

Small Businesses

We provide an HR service for small and medium size businesses who need ad hoc HR advice and support


Training your Managers in how to deal correctly with people in the workplace while inspiring staff to give their best

Other HR Professionals

When you need help with investigations and appeals, redundancies, HR coaching or just interim cover

When you might need BARROW HR

From when you start up in business through to times of growth and change, we can offer you great HR advice, support and training.


Recruiting advice for job descriptions, adverts, applications, interviews, DBS checks and induction through to supporting documentation, including contracts of employment, policies and staff handbooks


Dealing with workplace behaviour issues, including absenteeism, poor performance redundancy, discipline and grievances and other difficult workplace conversations you might otherwise struggle with.


Helping you to motivate and retain your staff through performance appraisals, mentoring, succession planning, career development and flexible working arrangements


We can help you focus on your business by taking care of all your human resources needs.

Whether you need help with recruiting, staff problems or team building Barrow HR can help, leaving busy business owners and managers free to focus on running the business.

Our professional and knowledgeable HR team can provide services to your business, from taking on the first employee to handling your largest HR projects.

We also work as an Associate for an HR consultancy based in Cardiff and Birmingham so no job is too big or too far away for us

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Barrow HR proudly supports The John Burns Foundation - Charity No. 1165392 

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